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This website is intended to be active and receptive to contributions of accurate historical evidence, which we would like to incorporate. It is also intended to provide information about commemorative events associated with Llywelyn and the loss of Welsh independence. However, we would like it to be as factual as possible and we leave political interpretation of events to others - on their own web-sites.

Having said that, any historian who claims to be impartial is a charlatan. There is no such thing as an objective historian; we all bring our own baggage to the subject.

Cefn y Bedd [Cilmeri - Cilmery] is a name which has great meaning for Welsh patriots. It is the place where Edward I’s conquest of Wales succeeded and Welsh spirit was broken? Yet inspite of that, and all the other crises that our nation has faced since 1282, in the 700th year of the death of Edward I [7th July 1307], our country again has the ability to restore the independence which was lost on that dark, winter’s day.

This year’s meetings: 10.30 Saturday 8th December and 10.00 Sunday 9th December.